The 1# ranked six hour mini-series starring Bryan Cranston & Paul Wesley.

Hired by ABC Studios to extend a back door pilot into a six hour mini-series and re-design the tone of the show from a teen thriller into an samurai action adventure show, The Team was under intense time pressure to develop the storylines and deliver four hour long screenplays that would go into production four months later.

Once we obtained the green-light, our main production challenge was that we were ambitious, developing 4 hours of television with over 550 vfx shots and 10 fight scenes .

The vfx shots/sequences included winged angles in flight, several flaming sword fights and creating Hell to name a few. Our budget would not support the usual outsourcing to sub-contractors. In response, we created our own in house vfx department with the focus of augmenting practical effects where possible with vfx. The strategy was successful and the show was heralded at the San Diego Comic-con and earned a 1# ranking when it aired.

The Team loves action films and wanted the fighting to have style (lots of wire work), but look as real as possible. We hired legendary Stunt Co-ordinator, Mike Gunther (Fast and the Furious series) and put our actors, Bryan Cranston and Paul Wesley into a six week fighting boot camp. The fighting looks great and the scenes were shot on budget and schedule.