Insomniac’s electric daisy carnival

As the film wing of EDM giant Insomniac Events, Mindfield’s team was responsible for branding its legendary edm festivals and helping to grow the brand up from its underground roots in pre-VR days to a merger with Live Nation that was valued at close to $100M. With annual attendance up in the millions, the sprawling events necessitated tactical, military-level film planning that involved 60-camera shoots, dozens of film cranes and helicopters soaring overhead, along with a marketing strategy that included theatrical film releases and iconic YouTube trailers which garnered tens of millions of views.


In addition to producing the documentary, Mindfield’s principles were responsible for designing and implementing a 650 theater event release supported by a viral marketing campaign that captured over 250M unique views of its marketing materials. The campaign utilized a combination of social media outlets, co-promotional campaigns with top EDM music blogs, ticket give aways with 100 of the nation’s top radio stations and in-theater advertising.