Local Co-ops

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Make recommendations about the green, organic or eco-friendly products and services you use, the blogs you love, and the companies you do business with. (Restaurants, CSAs, Co-ops, farms, contractors, neighborhood stores, builders, etc.) Help others find the best local resources.

Share tips on green living from cooking, cleaninggardening, house renovations to whatever you dream up. Your experience helps make a difference.

What do you think? Good so far?

Share recipes that are truly “from scratch” recipes. Fresh new flavors and the best of traditional cooking never have to include over processed, pre-packaged “ingredients”.

Ask and answer questions about living the eco-friendly life, what really works, healthy alternatives, and natural and organic options. Help your neighbor, help yourself.

Upload cool pics to share images of your green projects, garden, great dishes, fashions or whatever you’d like to share. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Discuss the latest contributor posts on food, remodeling, natural living and more. You can follow your old favorites or browse new ones. Your favorite blog not here, recommend it! Find what you want to read, all in one place.

Stay connected when you move, travel, or are just curious about other places. Simply change your “local region” and get connected to all things green at your chosen destination …fast!

What do you think? Good so far?

Get organized by having all your personal favorites in “My Little Green Book”. From following contributors and companies you do business with to all the posts, recommendations and recipes you love, you’ll save time…and your inbox.